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Packaging & Shipping Store

Daily 8am – 6pm
Saturday 9am – 2pm

Comming soon we will have a conference/class room for rent. You will have an office to come to instead of doing business at your home.FULL admin staff included for copies of prints, emails and copies.
  1. Mailbox Rentals
    Over 50% of our mailbox rentals are for companies that do not want their home address being used as a main contact location. Receive UPS, FEDEX, USPS and hand deliveries. Safely kept here till you retrieve your shipment.
  2. Packaging & Shipping
    We are your ONLY locally owned shipping store for you MAIL, Packages, Fedex and your LARGE packages. We use Fedex, USPS, and YRC No waiting in long lines Electronic labels created Address stored in our system Competitive pricing
  3. Company Accounts
    We offer company accounts. Billed Monthly Drop in Drop off YOUR GONE we take care of the rest. or simply email your print and we print ship and charge your account,
  4. Notary
    We have 3 notaries on staff. Available from 8am to 6pm